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Mission Statement

  1. 1. We strive to be the lead designer of underground cavern storage facilities, deposition facilities, and solution mining operations.

  2. 2. We foster innovative solutions in the areas of underground storage of substances and deposition of materials in salt caverns, as well as solution mining of salt deposits.

  3. 3. We contribute to the development of new technologies for low-emission and non-emission power generation, in particular, those areas which involve hydrogen storage in salt caverns.

Research and Development Center Mining of Chemical Raw Materials
"CHEMKOP" sp. z o.o.
ul. J. Wybickiego 7, 31-261 Kraków

REGON:120904600   NIP:6750001780   KRS:0000327569

  • phone +48 12 633 60 75
  • fax +48 12 634 58 28
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