The CHEMKOP employs ambitious professionals who provide expert engineering services to customers all around the world, based on personal skills and collective expertise. Please get acquainted with us and consider joining our team.

Flexible working hours

We apply flexible work time arrangements so that everyone can choose the most suitable working hours.

Premises in the city centre

Our premises are situated in the area with excellent access by public transportation and our workers can use our company parking lot on site.

Sports package: OK System

Our employees enjoy the OK System sports facilities, offering the Go Fit, Fit&More, and Open programmes.

Medical insurance

We care about our personnel, providing them with private medical care by the EnelMed clinic.

Career path

We are dedicated to continue professional development and strive to identify and expand the talents of our colleagues.

If you are interested in working on a position specified in our recruitment opportunities, please submit your CV and Cover Letter by e-mail.

Research and Development Center Mining of Chemical Raw Materials
"CHEMKOP" sp. z o.o.
ul. J. Wybickiego 7, 31-261 Kraków

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