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Geological Services

The Research and Development Centre for Mining of Chemical Raw Materials “CHEMKOP” Ltd. provides services in the areas of geological prospecting and the assessment of mineral resources, for the purposes of mineral extraction mining and underground storage of substances or deposition of materials. Our services in these areas include for example drafting the designs and documentation of geological, hydrogeological, and engineering works, together with the preparation of applications for obtaining mining concessions related to prospecting and assessment of mineral resources and underground storage of substances in rock mass, as well as drafting deposit management designs and calculation of the volumes of mineral resources.

Our Company also renders services of geological inspection and supervision, collection of water, rock, and brine samples, laboratory testing, including test interpretation, computer modelling of leaching processes and rock geomechanics, echometric surveys of caverns filled with gas or petroleum products, and examinations of storage cavern tightness.

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Research and Development Center Mining of Chemical Raw Materials
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