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Mining Services

The Research and Development Centre for Mining of Chemical Raw Materials “CHEMKOP” Ltd. is the only Polish centre that specialises in research, design, and implementation works for the businesses involved in salt mining and the development of underground storage facilities situated within salt deposits.

We carry out our works, starting with the preparation of Feasibility Studies, Operating Programmes, and Spatial Layout Conceptions. We prepare the Documentation for Mining Concession Applications, including that required for geological prospecting, assessment, and extraction of mineral resources, as well as underground storage or deposition purposes. We draft the Underground Facility Designs, including the designs for drilling and engineering works, as well as well-head fitting for exploratory, operating, and storage wells. We also draft Cavern Leaching Designs.

During the project execution stage, our specialist carry out inspections and supervise the implementation of the projects concerning solution mining and underground storage facilities, as well as the designer’s supervision services.

Within the scope of mining services, we carry out the following types of laboratory tests: geomechanical, rheological, and leaching tests, as well as cavern leaching simulations, with the application of our WinUbro software package. We can further optimise underground storage operations, with the use of our specialised WinKaga software package designed for handling cavern operating processes.

Our measurement and surveying works concern post-mining rock-mass deformations, i.e. convergence of underground workings, damages of underground load-carrying pillars and shelves, depth convergence (or land subsidence) around the profiles of workings, vertical and horizontal relocation of rock mass in underground mines, and analyses of the impact of mining works on the rock mass and land surface in underground and solution mining facilities.

Such measurements and surveys are followed by the predictions of the influence of mining operations on rock mass and land surface. Specific geological survey documentation and specialised studies are supplemented by digital mining maps and graphic presentations.

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