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Geochemical and Chemical Laboratory Services

The CHEMKOP laboratories carry out a number of different chemical tests, including physical and chemical tests of raw materials, for the needs of geological documentation drafting and process purposes. We test the chemical composition of surface water, underground mine waters, and brines. Other specialised tests concern inter-grain and adsorbed-gas contents in soil, in respect of light hydrocarbons (methane, ethane, propane, butane, and isobutane), with the option to use specific test results in oil and gas prospecting and identification of salt-dome boundaries, or tectonic faults. Our process examinations are associated with salt and brine processing.

The CHEMKOP holds accreditation of the Polish Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate to conduct tests of pharmaceutical products and active substances, in respect of physical and chemical parameters.

The CHEMKOP employs specialist teams of highly qualified persons and laboratory analysts, with recognised expertise.

Our modern and well-equipped laboratory allows us to act as partners in a number of innovative technology projects implemented in various industries in Poland and abroad.

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