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The following Cookie Policy refers to the Internet website belonging to The Research and Development Centre for Mining of Chemical Raw Materials “CHEMKOP” Ltd.


Definitions of cookies

Cookies are small text files containing the data to be downloaded by your computer, mobile device, or any other piece of equipment that is used for Internet browsing. Once recorded in your system, a cookie sends back information about each new hit of the website that recognises its cookie and about your browsing device.

Durable cookies are the files that remain in the user’s system for a period of time determined in the system. Such cookies are activated each time when the user hits the relevant website from which the cookie files were collected.

Session cookies are the cookie files that allow the website operators to record the user’s activities during a given browsing session. A session starts with opening the web browser’s window and ends with closing the window by the user. Session cookie files are temporary. Once the web has been closed, all session cookie files are deleted. The cookie files carry out a number of tasks, e.g. they allow for faster surfing, remember your preferences selected on specific websites, and generally improve the quality of Internet experience.


Functions of cookies

Efficiency improvement cookies

Such cookie files collect anonymous information about the websites opened by the Internet user. By using the Internet, the user gives his consent for the cookies to be installed in his system. The cookie files collect data on the way of website use, e.g. which websites are opened the most often, or which ones send error messages. Cookie files do not gather any data that may identify the Internet user. All data are accumulated and anonymised. They are used exclusively to improve the Internet operation.

Functional cookies

Such cookie files record the selections made by you on a website to improve your experience. By using the Internet, the user gives his consent for the cookies to be installed in his system. The cookie files cause that the website remembers the selections made by the user, e.g. the user’s name, language preferences, or region, and ensure the functions that are better suited for the user. Such cookies can also be used for remembering changes made in the web-content size, font, or other website parameters. They can be used for rendering services requested by the user (e.g. watching videos or making comments on blogs). All data gathered by those files are anonymised and the files are unable to track browsing websites by the user.

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